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Throughout high school and college, I took all the art and photography classes offered at the time. Once my children were mostly grown, I tip-toed back into a more focused creative life. It began with photography and a 'secret' daily practice of drawing and sketching a variety of subjects, from simple doodles to portraits using charcoal. I soon found that I could not wait to get home from my day job to play in my sketchbook. It brought much relaxation and the stress of the day would melt away. This same daily practice is still an important part of my life today.  My art is personal, emotional and a reflection of my own experiences. Each painting has a different story. I incorporate a variety of mediums both traditional and non traditional. 

I am a lifelong Mid-westerner, calling Wisconsin home.  I have two grown sons and am forever grateful for their love and support. I enjoy long walks, good food, and great conversation with friends and family. In the in-between moments, I can be found in my studio painting and creating.

A portion of the proceeds of my art sales will be donated to a thoughtfully selected program benefiting children.  

My photograph courtesy of Leslie Schoen Photography.

Current Galleries:

Permanent Collection: 

-Marshfield Clinic Cancer Center - Stevens Point in Stevens Point, WI

-Eau Claire Hospital in Eau Claire, WI

Westfields Hospital in New Richmond, WI

Corporate Representation:

-Mueller Professional Building - 243 S Central Ave - Marshfield, WI  

Gallery Representation:

Q Gallery Artists Cooperative - Stevens Point, WI

Exhibits and Events

Future Exhibits 2020

2020 Wood Walk Gallery - Egg Harbor, WI 

May 2020 - Alexander House - Port Edwards, WI

July 2020 - Gallery Q - Stevens Point, WI

Past exhibits: 

Sep 2, 2018 - Jan. 27, 2019 -  Basil in Weston, WI

Feb. 2019 - New Visions Gallery -  Marshfield, WI

April 2019  - Lucille Tack Center for the Arts - Spencer, WI

May-Nov 2019 Hudson Hospital and Clinic, Hudson, WI 

June - Sept 2019 Jensen Community Center, Amherst, WI

Sept-Dec 2019 Westfields Hospital and Clinic - New Richmond, WI

Sept 21st, 28th, Oct 5th weekends at the Wowspace,  

Shawano Miles of Art - Special invitation - Wittenberg, WI

Aug-D 2019 Lucy's Mercantile - Reedsburg, WI

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